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Premature Ejackulation Solution To Last 30 Minutes Average

Premature Ejackulation

Stop Orgasm

Before we start talking about premature ejaculation here are some shocking facts.
The graph on the right, is taken from Msn search engine statistics tool. If you take a short look on it, you will see that amongst all the people searching for the term "premature ejaculation", almost 80% of them are women. Apparently, women are the one's who are suffering the most from the problem of premature ejackulation.
And only a small amount of men are worried about it.
So, If you are a woman, most probably you are not satisfied with your partner, as well as many other women looking for the solution.
If you are a man, my congratulations to you, you have started searching for a solution just before you woman did.
So many couples are splitting every day because of the disease called Premature Ejackulation which is in fact nothing but relatively easy curable problem. And it is in every single individual's capacity to cope with premature ejackulation in matter of a few weeks.

Number of years ago, I was suffering premature ejackulation. The stress it was causing was exceptional, making me to hate sex instead of enjoying it and sharing the pleasure with my girlfriend. It's all ended up in a big argument and a nervous break down for me. Our relationship was temporarily terminated.
With all the experience I've gathered trying to solve my problem, I feel obliged to share my knowledge with all the people for who the premature ejackulation is a reality of their sexual life.

My own definition of premature ejackulation is inability to refrain from ejaculating till the moment you and your partner are sexually satisfied and then the orgasm comes by itself on the pick of sexual pleasure. It should be clearly distinguished from inability to control the ejaculation because of overexcitement or the weak self control and most probably weak sexual energy do to it's leakage. Here I have to add that according to the people who have learnt the science of sexuality, premature ejackulation caused by overexcitement has a nature of weak sexual energy of a man rather than "too much sexual energy".
So answering the question "how long the normal sex should last" due to it's dynamic nature will be various for every couple and every time the making love.

Briefly about the causes of premature ejackulation.

What Causes Pe? This is where it gets really interesting, as everyone has it's opinion about it ranging from anxiety, nutrition, stress, deficiencies, illness, to psychological in nature.
All this has a little value in discussing, so I will save your time and share what I know for sure.

To start off, you have to be aware that there's a big deal of misinformation on the topic of premature ejaculation, spreads by the rumors of those for whom it is the source of income, hence the scale of the disease. In particularly, the companies making condoms and special creams to reduce the sensitivity of penis by those prolonging sex.
So first of all, it is wise to discuss it with your partner , if possible, if the problem is actual rather than factious.
The reality is that almost 90% of men suffering with premature ejackulation do not need any medical attention and application of any kind of related products. They are capable to solve the problem in short time by their own will.

Most of male have experienced premature ejackulation at some stage of their life.
Especially, then there's a big brake in having a sexual relationship, may cause over tension around the genital area attributing to a building urge to ejaculate, and when you do have sex you are not used to the sensation which can be overpowering.
Another big reason for premature ejackulation is masturbation. The masturbating isn't an issue on it's own, rather the quality of it is.
If there's a tendency to masturbate "as fast as I can" so no one will catch you or because you have some things to do, this can be the primary reason for the premature ejackulation. And of it is in your case, then it will be very easy to solve it with the methods we will offer you below.

Anxiety, is the chief of all the reasons.
It's being researched and proved by many modern scientists, as well as by those people practising the art of sex.
When you are mentally tense all the time, hardly you will let go during sex also which will definitely have an effect on performance because your not allowing your self to relax, which I've found is a key points in solving premature ejaculation.
And the vicious circle here is that, every time you happened to premature ejaculation, the tension will increase and the anxiety will get even worse.
Here to, the method described below will give you a chance to overcome the problem in relatively short time.
Oversensitivity is another cause of Pe, but hence it's partially related to the lack of sexual energy it will not be discussed separately.

Cures available on the market today

This is where your awareness has to work on it's peak, cause the amount of solutions available today is big and most of them are there to waste your time and money and to leave you with premature ejackulation and frustration.

Cock Rings
They indeed make you erection harder and keep the penis hard even after ejaculation but the have nothing to do with curing premature ejaculation. It is a bogus solution, which is in fact causes you a lot of unpleasant sensations.

Desensitising premature ejacklation cream, spray and lotions.

Basically, it's all in the name desensitise, they kill the sensation you are getting from sex, by those giving you are chance to last longer. It might work if a man doesn't want to fall in the eyes of a partner on a occasional date, but are ineffective in any other means, not to mention that you will not get the pleasure for yourself and by those loosing all the attraction of the sexual act supposing to exchange the energies and pleasure with each other. And no doubt, the woman will sense that too.
Also, if over applied may cause you to become temporary impotent due to excess numbing.


No doubt, you have seen those being advertised everywhere. Their chemical structure is identical to the penis enlargement pills and contain most of the same ingredients. Mainly l'arginine and yohimbe. You can read about these components from the Internet, but the strange truth is that they can increase the level of Testosterone in your body, by those increasing libido which is the primary cause of premature ejaculation in teenagers.
Yohimbe is also known for reducing the quality of sleep and believed to carry a potential of 20 cups of coffee per small dose. The palpitations are also the side effect.
Personally, to me Yohimbe was causing repeating headaches.
This may be a good cure for those, suffering Impotence, but of no use for premature ejackulation. Feedback from people have proved my point many times.

Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors or SSRI

Just a different type of pills, with large amount of side effects known and many scientific researches with the negative conclusion.

Side effects include...
-suicidal behaviour
-sleep deprivation
-behavioural and emotional changes
-genital anesthesia
-extreme loss of sex drive (this can explain why they were first reported to help with premature ejackulation).

If you like to read about them more, these are the comprehensive sources:

There's also a fact that you will get easily accustomed to those pills, which will make you to face your problem again, from the very beginning. But the choice is always yours , give it a try if you think it's worth spending a bunch of money.

Natural Cures to stop premature ejaculation

Mainly, they are the training programs of various kind, where you learn how to develop the capacity of prolonging the sexual act and preventing premature ejackulation.
Some of them are pretty effective, some are total crap. I had to make a good few of pitfalls before finding the one which is designed according to each individual, keeping away from the general guidelines, which may work for many in total, but as far as a single individual is concerned are of a little use.

The Product Which has proved to work

From my own experience and by getting feedback from hundreds of people, I have made a conclusion, that there's a single program, which stands alone from all the rest.
They have recognised the redundancy in distraction techniques and the ineffective and limiting factors in the renowned technique known as "Start Stop".
They have developed a unique approach to an individual who commencing himself to their program and providing one-to-one support with innovative insight and unique research designed to cure all associated with premature ejackulation problems.
I embrace them for the quality of the service and their respect to the customers
I can barley assume the amount of couples who were helped by them an got the sexual satisfaction back to their lives and most probably also enhanced the capacity for creativity and improvement.
I especially like their unique solution for overcoming the anxiety and cultivating the ability to relax, by those giving you total control over your ejaculation.
Their texts are perfectly organised and structured. It is designed designed the way that both partners can help in overcoming premature ejackulation if they wish, by those reducing the length of training even more.
But the single cultivation is possible too with the method and works just as fine, allowing you to keep thrusting even when you would normally have to slow or stop.

I love their service and have devoted myself to help them spreading the message. It's hard to believe that such a small things can make many people's life much happier.
To male a second step to stop your premature ejackulation by looking at their program CLICK HERE


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